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Ceyebr is a Swedish product company based in Stockholm. We are specialists in UX-driven (user experience) publishing tools and digital services. We love to offer products which make web publishing more effective, flexible and uncomplicated for everyone.

We take pride in our work and everything we create is undertaken with passion and precision. We design and host websites, which can be downloaded quickly and provide a pleasurable user experience.

Our new Reed platform Reed offers an even quicker way of working. We have worked hard so that you don’t have to. Now you can work with and update your web pages by yourself. Our solutions ease workload which helps you to free up time for all the other things that need doing. Contact us now! We really look forward to showing what Reed can do for you.

Reliable servers and quick access provides excellent results even outside the big city.

quick to learn
professional results

We create products and services for the web which are quick and easy to learn, all on a collaborative platform where several people can work together. Our server and font suppliers offer a blend of fast access and proper typography with proper, well-known typefaces. The pages adjust automatically and the images are resized as much as possible in order to achieve the fastest downloads. New services and products are developed and launched continually, so hang on for the ride.

Easy customization

Many of our competitors offer readymade templates and tools which are difficult to customize. With the Ceyebr Reed platform this is no problem at all. We can customize products and components so that that they always fit in with your specific needs, for example, adding feeds and shortcuts to social media.


tell it in pictures

When you have a lot to say, but prefer to tell your story in pictures. Gallery suits those who know that large, beautiful and moving images sell. Choose from among readymade dynamic layouts for every available screen, quickly and easily.

Design Agency
Our Dummy

quick easy popular

Fragment is our bestseller and incorporates a simple one page layout with scrolling. The navigation remains in the sidebar. The navigation sidebar remains firmly in place as you scroll down the page. It is quick and easy to build and you can choose freely from a selection of fonts and sizes, as well adapting headers and text to your in-house typeface. Fragment downloads and integrates various widgets, such as puffs and sliders. As easy as it gets.

Property Company

broader content

Do you want work with longer texts, perhaps across several pages with varying numbers of columns? Columns is a platform for adapting pages and columns freely according to preference and everything is done locally in HTML. It goes without saying that changes to text, images, sliders and, for example, adapting information on say, opening hours and prices, can be done at a click.


Large product images set to text and music.

large scale format

Sometimes biggest is best. Billboard is our smart tool which you can use to launch a service or product in the largest possible format, with or without sound. For when you really want to make an impression with your images. Combined with Ceyebr Forms, Billboard can be used for launches, for a register of interest, effective campaigns, and much much more.

Promotion campaign site

Press meet the press

A simple tool for you to use to create a press office, image bank and archive of the company’s product images, press releases, press images, logotypes and other material. Ease the pressure and smooth the production of, for example, print publications and for managing media enquiries.

Manage staff recruitment with conviction.

flexible forms

Forms is a tool which eases the creation of forms, for example for employment applications and other recruitment needs, promotions, bookings, registers of interest and other interactive requirements. The service includes forms for databases, autoreply and confirmations. The form is separate from your web page and users can also attach files.