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Ceyebr designs and develops products for the web. Since our launch in 2011 we have specialized on the strategic development of systems and products with a focus on web publication for mobile devices. Our focus has progressively changed from mobile devices to broader, responsive solutions.

The digital transformation affects all businesses. Companies and organizations have to increasingly adapt their image and identities for various digital media. This boosts demand for more effective platforms for production, publication and distribution.

Ceyebr has broad experience of digital media, interactive design and systems development. We place a high priority on investment and development in order to create new, powerful products which lead to better business solutions.

The Ceyebr Reed platform has taken two years to develop.

Ceyebr Reed
greater potential

The work to develop a new platform was launched in the beginning of 2015. The goal was to establish a stronger foundation and to create a more flexible platform which could further simplify web publication and editing.

The launch of Reed is a result of this process, complete with a fresh unique appearance and with new, fast processes which improve the operation and distribution of content. With Ceyebr Reed as our base, we see huge opportunities to develop new exciting products, faster.

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We have always got time to meet. You can find us in a modern neighbourhood close to Södermalms Allé. Only five minutes from Medborgarplatsen. Get in touch! We love to demonstrate what Reed can do for you.

Ceyebr AB
Timmermansgränd 2
SE 118 65 Stockholm

Office: +46 8 218185

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